I love being crafty and upcycling (aka using old junky materials and creating magic from them). While I haven’t been so crafty lately since I’ve been focused on my essential oil business, there are so many fun things I’ve made over the years that I can’t wait to share on this blog. Thank God I saved most all of them on my Pinterest!

How cute is this frame idea?!

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This is an original idea from LulaBelleBlog

I thought it was precious so I went to Hobby Lobby to find the same scrapbook paper and similar frame to re-create it. You will find it in our bedroom often with little notes on it. This idea is so simple to make and you can change your messages so easily with a dry erase marker.

Fabric Flowers. Good Lord, I went through such a fun phase making fabric flowers by the DOZENS when my husband worked second shift. He was gone 5 nights a week and it was just me and 5 kids. Yes, my sanity was pretty much gone at the time… but it was regained every night after the kids went to bed and I put on my favorite shows and started crafting away. Making fabric flowers was pretty much on my list of top 10 best crafts I’ve done because they are so versatile. To this day I still have them all over my house. I have them on my mirror in the picture shown, I have a little twine tree filled with them, and they have also adorned my bedroom lamps as a decoration. My Mom actually has one on her purse that she carries around that I made 4 or 5 years ago. I kept all of them because they are so stinking cute and I know I will still find ways to use them. A larger post about different ways to use fabric flowers will be coming soon!


I also used some of my old fabric flowers I made to add to the beauty of a photo I took recently of some of my favorite essential oils.


I also went a little nuts awhile back with some washi tape. Washi tape is fun and comes in so many different designs and colors. It works for almost everything to give it a little extra pop. I have gone through rolls and rolls 😉 One simple way I used it was to decorate my chargers for my computer, phone, and kid’s iPad. Yes, you read that right… I decorate my chargers. Some may say I might have to much time on my hands if I’m decorating my chargers, but I say I am making my world just a little bit prettier every day.


Those are just tiny examples of crafts I’ve done in the past. Much more to come! I hope this gives some fun ideas to those other crafty mamas out there.

With LOVE!

Crafty Mama

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