A really fun DIY that I did last summer turned out surprisingly well. My Mom found a very, very old birdhouse at my Grandpa’s house and she said I could have it. It was filthy and gross looking (think animal poop and spider webs) mainly because it had been sitting in the garage for who knows how many years. But it had good bones so I said yes and hoped for the best. Turns out, I was not disappointed!


I scrubbed it! Actually if I remember correctly I just sprayed the hose on it for a really long time. And then I scrubbed it. 🙂 Once it was clean, I could see even more potential. Since the wood was weathered so much, there was no need for sanding or anything. This was my kind of project!

I’ve been kind of obsessed with this spray paint color called SeaSide. I love how just the right color can make something old look amazing.


Here it is! I loved how the weathered look of the wood wouldn’t allow the spray paint to fully go through in all the nooks and crannies. Usually I would have to work hard at getting a piece look weathered. This one just did it for me. This DIY was by far one of the easiest projects and most special because I now have something pretty that also belonged to my Grandparents. And of course, it has my own special spin on it now that I made it aqua 😉


Happy DIYing!

DIY Birdhouse

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