Today I was feeling a bit crafty so I whipped up some body butter. Lately my kids have been walking into the kitchen asking “Ooohhh Mom, what are you making?!” They are thinking I’m baking and making a dessert. So you can only imagine the looks I’ve been getting when I answer them and say Face Wash or Lotion.

Today’s recipe for Body Butter is super simple and is going to be perfect for the upcoming cold weather. If your skin is anything like mine in the winter, it gets dry and itchy. This lotion is the answer to those problems.

1/4 cup Shea Butter
1/4 cup Coconut Oil
10-15 drops Lavender
That’s it!

Melt the Shea Butter and Coconut Oil over a double boiler. Place melted liquid in the fridge to harden. After it’s turned to a solid, take it out of the fridge and whip it with a hand mixer. You can add your Lavender oil to it and continue to mix it. The longer you whip it, the more fluffy it will get!

If you feel that it’s not soaking into your skin fast enough, you can add a little Arrowroot Powder to it and mix it again. I probably won’t be adding anything to it, I actually like how rich it is.

I’ve been working on replacing all my store bought beauty products to homemade ones or natural ones. There is so many chemicals and endocrine disrupters in store bought beauty products, I figure it can only help fix my hormonal imbalance, along with the Progessence Plus I am taking. Because every little bit helps!

You can add any Essential Oils you want to your body butter. I chose Lavender because it’s very soothing for your skin. I look forward to making many more variations in the future. Next, I’m thinking Stress Away!!

If you have a great recipe for Body Butter, leave it in the comments for me! I always love to try new recipes.



Lavender Body Butter

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