I have been making my own beauty products for about a year now, and it has made such a difference in my health. ¬†My hormones are balanced, my moods are fairly ūüėČ stable, and my skin is healthier. ¬†This didn’t happen overnight. ¬†Changing your products to all natural can seem like a daunting task. ¬†I worked on changing one product at a time so I wouldn’t get to overwhelmed. ¬†One of my first products I switched out was my body lotion. ¬†I started making Lavender body butter that only had 2 main ingredients. ¬†Doesn’t get to much easier than that!

Jen at Unveiled Wife has been a huge inspiration to bringing awareness as to why it’s important to pay attention to what chemicals are in your personal products. ¬†A big part of my healing from my¬†depression¬†struggle, along with my hormone imbalance, has been cutting out the amount of dangerous chemicals I was putting on my skin daily. ¬†I’ve been using essential oils on my skin for the past 13 months and I am the most healthy I’ve ever been. ¬†It’s hard to believe I am that same girl who struggled so badly only a little over a year ago.

Check out my guest article about chemical free products and a simple DIY Lavender body butter recipe at one of my all time favorite blogs The Unveiled Wife.12107058_10153163679481596_7274660288774944279_n

Lavender Body Butter. Unveiled Wife guest article!

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