It’s back to school night and my 3 children and I walk down one of the hallways of the elementary school. My 6 year old son is wearing his backpack and a big smile on his face. The only way I can tell he is nervous is by how tightly he is holding my hand. We see the same cubby lockers, the same classroom, and the same teacher he had last year. And his teacher is so happy to see him. I’m thankful he is excited and is not wondering why he is in the same class.

My son is repeating kindergarten. I remind myself this is what we wanted for him. Last year my husband and I sat in a room with the principal, his kindergarten teacher, and his special education teacher and insisted this is what we wanted. This is what our son needed. We asked for him to repeat his grade. With how far behind he is, it was unimaginable that he would be able to handle first grade. We are so grateful to his teachers, the Principal, and the one on one personal attention he gets that help him learn.

Yet, as a Momma, when I walk down the familiar hallway to his familiar classroom my eyes fill with tears that I quickly blink away. No Momma wants their child to be behind. I try to keep my spirits high and excited so my son will mirror my excitement. But inside, my heart hurts.

Lord, please protect those children who feel shame about repeating a grade. Please help their Mommas and Daddys to reassure their kids that this school year will be full of learning, making new friends, and fun.

And Jesus, please protect our precious Gabriel Rain. We love him so much! We pray for a wonderful year for him as he does Kindergarten for the second time. We pray that his eyes will be opened more to reading and math. We ask that you will continue to teach him social skills. Please Jesus, I ask that his new class will completely embrace him and love on him.

For all you Mommas and Daddys out their with children that have special needs or have children intellectually behind or developmentally delayed… remember WE are their SAFE space. If Momma and Daddy say they are ALRIGHT, that will mean more to those kids than anything else anyone else says. Those hugs, snuggles, the love you show them… If Momma and Daddy says you are alright, your child will believe you.

So Mommas and Daddys…just keep loving on your children. By you showing that you believe in your child, that will mean so much to them. They will feel like they can conquer the world… well at least someday. For now, let’s just focus on our ABC’s and 123’s.

I love you Gabey. I’m proud of you!13619825_10153689883976596_5840895436248774061_n

To the Mommas of kids with special needs…

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  • October 27, 2016 at 1:19 pm

    As Charlie Sheen says, this article is “WNNNIIG!”


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