What are Essential Oils?

In short, essential oils are the life source of the plant.  All the healing goodness that is inside that plant and the components that allow it to grow and flourish, including it’s immune system, is what is put into a Young Living essential oil bottle.   Quality is very important when you choose to use essential oils.  These potent oils when applied topically get absorbed into your skin down to the cellular level to promote healing and change.  When you put an oil on your skin, within 20 minutes that oil has reached every cell in your body.

Young Living essential oils eliminate toxins in your body, have the capacity to pass the “blood-brain” barrier (which is huge!), and regenerate DNA.  These oils can help with releasing emotional trauma and relax the body and mind.  When inhaled these oils go to the limbic system of the brain (our brain’s control center) and we are able to change our thoughts, attitudes, and the chemical signaling that supports our emotional and mental health. When these oils are put in the diffuser, along with the wonderful things these oils do when inhaled, they also remove toxins in the air.  I have my diffuser going many times a day, every day.



Are Essential Oils just a new fad?

Essential Oils are not a fad.  Using the plant (or tree/root/bark/fruit) for healing has happened since the beginning of time. They were used for medicine before we had big pharmaceutical companies.  The essence of plants were used in teas for wellness and to make pastes to put on wounds.  The good news is that science has created a way for all that goodness from these amazing plants (from the lavender flower plant to the Boswellia sacra tree we get Frankincense) to extract the oil from them and bottle those precious components.


Why are these oils essential?

We live in a world that is full of chemicals.  They are in absolutely everything now from the food we eat, to the soap we use, to the products we use on ourselves and our children.  Everyone is rushed and often doesn’t take the time to properly take care of our needs.  It’s not for a lack of trying, it’s often for a lack of time.  We are stressed out.  Unfortunately, this is the time our immunity is not the highest and then we get sick.  Enter essential oils.  These oils can support our immune system and help relax us and bring better sleep. We can use these precious drops on our face to promote healthy skin care without chemicals.  There are oils that help support our glands to work properly to give us energy.  Have stress and anxiety in your life?  Essential oils have been a huge help for me in those areas.  I have taken out almost all chemicals in my life with my personal care products (I make a lot of my own and also purchase some from Young Living) and I also clean with the chemical free Thieves cleaner.  Pretty much every area of my life has changed for the better because of these oils.