If you would be interested in joining the Lemon Droppers, we would love to have you! It brings me so much joy to be a support in your oily journey.

You will have access to our secret Facebook group that is an incredible resource of education, classes each month available to you, private educational graphics, and a wonderful group of people, including myself, to support you.

To join my Lemon Dropper group, click this link, and it will help you get started. Any questions, please fb message me on my page Small Joys.

How I got started, and how I recommend everyone gets started, is with the Premium Starter Kit.

Once you purchase this, you are considered a member, or distributor, of Young Living. No, this doesn’t mean you have to sell anything. Being a member of Young Living simply means you will get your essential oils at wholesale prices, which comes out to 24% lower than retail prices. Why spend more money than you have to?!

kit copy

This kit is an incredible value. This is a $300 worth of products for only $160. In addition to getting a welcome packet personally from me, will receive…


Please feel free to email me any questions at mrs.marshaneu@gmail.com or message me on my fb page Small Joys.

I wish you all health and happiness!